Lady Lykez Bully Dem 3style

Lady Lykez Bully Dem

Lady Lykez is back with a freestyle for the new year. This freestyle is full of fast paced bashment flows, she changes her style throughout the tune starting with dark low pitched style and changes to a higher pitched tone towards the end of the tune which gives it more bashment vibes.

Bashment styles have always been potent in Grime however Lady Lykez is more unique than most, on this tune especially you can hear the inspirations in it and her lyrics are not a mix between English sounding lyrics and Jamaican sounding lyrics, she keeps the yard vibe throughout every word on the tune.

The instrumental fits the style very well with lots of orchestral instruments to add to the vibe of the tune. The drums and bass give the tune the grime energy to fit the fast paced flows.

A sick freestyle with a big mix of cultural elements. A unique sound for Grime which always brings out the best in artists when expressing themselves on Grime tunes. Even though this is a short freestyle she absolutely killed it.

BagZe @Bxgze

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