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Lady Leshurr: Astronaut EP

It’s fair to say Lady Leshurr has become something of a successful media darling these days. I only have to click on my TV to see the Birmingham’s bombastic rapper featured on various game shows as a panel member, or most recently being interviewed by Johnathan Ross. I can’t help but raise a little smile every time I see the pint sized TV persona, as I remember her low key determination and absolute focus when I interviewed her at Manchester carnival in 2016. The release of ‘Astronaut’ EP further reinstates Lady Leshurr has the dexterity to carve out a career as a media personality, whilst simultaneously spinning us to outer space with her rocket fuelled bars, which is exactly what she does on ‘Astronaut’ EP.

Following up the release of ‘Astronaut’ Freestyle and video and of course the astronomical diss entitled D.I.V, now comes a Christmas treat with the release of ‘Astronaut E.P’, where the 2 formerly mentioned tracks can be found to rinse and repeat at your leisure, or should that be at your Leshurr! We also have the clanging metal, industrial production of otherworldly third track on the EP – ‘Money’, where we find Lady Leshurr demanding her people’s run her the skrilla she’s owed! An emerging trend I’m hearing and loving, is girls on Drill and Lady Leshurr does not shy away from lacing an ice cold drill instrumental on the track ‘Brenda’, a standout quirk on this track being – ‘Leshurr’s Brummy accent is not only prominent here, she ensures it’s emphasised. Elsewhere we have Leesh voicing her disdain for people who move with a,‘Fake Flex’ vibe, and reminds us she’s “Old school like a BBM pinger”, after 10 years in the game you better recognise!

Penultimate track, ‘From the Jump’ contrasts well between the moody overlapping organ / keys production and quick witted wordplay – “When I’m in my element, the bars come big like elephant…They’re just gassed off adrenaline when I put the L in relevant.” As a “BBM Pinger” myself I’ll admit I was overly gassed to hear the mention of Kris Kross! Leesh comes with a flow she has become synonymous with when we think back to her Queen Speeches 1 – 7, on her final track ‘Rockstar Rick.’ She opens with a playful – “IT’S LIT!”, as her bars play out like vivid comic book strips on wax, punctuated with onomatopoeia’s and cartoonish adlibs, you can hear the fun in ‘Leshurr’s flow as she assumes her alter ego Rockstar Rick on the closing track.

Lady Leshurr delivers a solid E.P, giving us the playful bars she’s become known for, challenges herself on drill beats and forces us to fly through the asteroid belt of the venomous ‘DIV.’ You can try calling Houston, but Lady Leshurr is a definite problem that can’t be stopped!


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