Kozzie – Smoke Sessions (Season 2 Part 2)

Kozzie – Smoke Sessions (Season 2 Part 2)

Connect Four Entertainment drops brand new visuals via their youtube channel, and Kozzie sprays his 2nd “Smoke Sessions”, produced by Skeamz, and mixed and mastered by Audioslugs.

Kozzie shells over the deep Skeamz production with fresh bars for the fans. Many supporters were gassed when the grime MC made a return from his break from the music industry, and Kozzie is certainly making up for lost time, as he continues to work hard for his followers. The verteran Grime MC sprays straight facts about his life growing up as a Grime musician, and fighting depression. This latest offering from Kozzie will no doubt be a popular “Smoke Sessions” freestyle as you can feel the emotions and the realness coming through the lyrics!

You may recognise the sample on this sick Skeamz production! Kozzie compliments the beat perfectly with his consistent, unique flows . The fans will love this “Smoke Sessions” freestyle.

Check it out now and press the play button!    

Gary @grimemechanic

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