Kamakaze ft Trillary Banks – Where We At? (prod. Lord Akira)

Kamakaze ft Trillary Banks – Where We At? (prod. Lord Akira)

Leicester’s finest MCs Kamakaze and Trillary Banks have teamed up for a chilled track, “Where We At?”, where Kamakaze questions the progress of the ends and people surrounding us over a guitar-dominated instrumental by Lord Akira.

Kamakaze’s verses exposes the harsh reality of the everyday people around, the “young mums, do it all for their seeds”without the dads they need. He questions why there’s so much murder and why there’s kids with “no GCSEs, but he’s got PTSD”. He pulls back the curtain on the truth behind the kids from estates that the media portray as villains and scapegoats for problems.

Trillary Banks steps to the microphone flexing her independence and mindset as she has gotten older, mirroring the start of Kamakaze‘s first verse. Life is about providing for yourself and the circle around you, and she makes it known that “I do what I gotta do to feed me and mines”.

This track is sick and another great release from Kamakaze this year.

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