Kamakaze – Aria [Wavey Shirt Wednesday 2]

Kamakaze – Aria [Wavey Shirt Wednesday 2]

Our favourite footballer-turned-rapper Kamakaze has been dominating the scene for the longest now, and this is one artist who truly deserves every ounce of success he has received. From running headline tours, securing millions of views across his freestyles, to featuring on FIFA 20 as both an artist and a footballer, the Leicester born star is just that.. A star.

His newest release comes in the form of ‘Wavey Shirt Wednesday 2’, the sequel to his 2017 EP which racked up a combined 4 million streams. The album contains 9 tracks, and features the likes of Trillary Banks, Jafro and Deuce Sparks, as well as one particular heart-felt song which caught our eye.

‘Aria’, a beautiful piece of artistry created to pay homage to his daughter, is an emotional piece that outlines the pure love he feels for his child. Stating she is his ‘biggest flex’, the track is one relatable to all parents, new or experienced, and the abundance of heart-strings pulled during the 2 minutes and 44 seconds is unreal. Produced by Oakland, this will be a timeless song for Kamakaze and his family, and it will serve as a gorgeous nostalgic reminder of the wonderful times they had when small.

The album is available to stream now across all digital platforms, and you’d be mad not to include yourself in the 200,000+ listeners Kam has captured over the years. You can view the videos for Sunrise In The East featuring Jafro and Time It Took featuring Deuce Sparks via Kamakaze’s YouTube Channel.

Written by Miz (@MizMedia_)

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