K9 ‘Cut’

K9 – Cut

Progressing on from his 2014 debut mixtape, ‘Mad In TheCut’ which was followed by the second instalment, ‘Mad InThe Cut 2’ in 2016, K9 has finally released a new nine track project under the title ‘Cut’. Collaborating with artists from both the new era of grime as well featuring the likes of Direman who has played a part in all three tapes, it is evident that K9 is an artist that evolves well with the time whilst still staying true to himself and those around him. With a majority of the track mixed by Louis Trout, this one is a must hear!

Featuring fellow West London MC, Direman, the first track ‘Dishonour’ acts as a warning as to what you might be in for if you were to do anything that might dishonour the pair. Produced by MssingNo and Visionist, long-time affiliates of K9 who also produced tracks on both instalments of ‘Mad InThe Cut’.

Produced by Wes Allen, the second track ‘Stevie G’ is one of the more experimental sounding tracks on the project. Featuring Crafty 893, we hear K9 take a more dynamic approach to the chorus, playing with the pitch of his vocals. With references to Steven Gerrard as well as other Liverpool players, K9 emphasising just how greazy his team is.

‘Eternal Sin’ is the third track on ‘Cut’, taking on a short and snappy flow K9 displays just how versatile his seemingly rough tone can be. With production coming from Visionist and Evian Christ, we hear a combination of heavy bass and grimy drum patterns as well as Evian’s influence with the trance-like thuds and synths.

Released earlier on this year, the fourth track, ‘Ice Climbers’ is a high energy track taking on a classic grime feel. Produced again by Wes Allen, this one features Direman, Frostar and Wiley as is set out to almost come across as it is a radio set, with each MC going back-to-back with such strong verses.

With production credits again going to MssingNo, ‘Exo’ is a hard-hitting street anthem. Adlibbing Lethal Bizzle’s ‘Pow’, listening to this track is almost a cinematic experience. The progressive instrumental builds up throughout, split with light breaks filled with choir samples before reaching its peak and flipping to an almost angelic level murmur.

Linking up with SBK, a young MC from Stevenage and produced by Bolton’s Owly Beats, ‘Never Been That’ is a track highlighting the importance of rating yourself. Linking up with one of the youngest in the scene is one-way K9 is able to stay so relevant.

‘Proper’ takes the seventh position on the project. Featuring Logan, JoSoSick and Joe Fire, three MC’s that K9 has gone back-to-back with on a number of radio sets and live shows. Produced by Wes Allen, ‘Proper’ takes on a softer approach in comparison to the rest of the tape, complementing the style of each artist and given it a studio produced feel rather than a radio show clip.

In my opinion, ‘Tool Time’ is the hardest track on the project. With production coming from Evian Christ, ‘Tool Time’ is a hard-hitting track with crazy beat switches that is sure to make you smash up your house.

The last track on the ‘Cut’ comes in the form of DJ Oddzproduced ‘Victory Lap’. Featuring Rolla, Sgt Stats, Swarvo, Lynx, Direman, Razor, Deli OneFourz and Snowy Danger, this one gives a similar vibe to Wiley’s West London. An almost grime all-stars feel to the track over nostalgic grime sounds.

Luke Bryant @LukeBryxnt

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