K-Trap ‘Street Side Effects’

K-Trap – Street Side Effects

Rapper K-Trap has built up a huge buzz over the last few years, with tracks such as “Edgware Road” and “BIg Mood”, where he finally took his mask off. After 3 successful mixtapes in the eyes of the mainstream, he has just released his debut album: “Street Side Effects”.

The titular track opens the album, where K-Trap is openly honest about his life now and the mental conflict he has with the music life and the street life he has progressed from, but as he says, he is a “trapper with a silent T”. The album has a handful of tracks in this honest, emotional lane, notably “Lessons” with Wretch 32, where K-Trap holds his own with one of the best lyricists the country has seen. Wretch raps about the harsh reality of street life, and how the glamourisation of it is detrimental as it leads to loss of life and freedoms.

M1llionz brings “Pour It Up” to life with his unique flow that has shaken up the drill scene, and him and K-Trap combine to make a stand out track on the album. “Probably” featuring Blade Brown has a more Americanised sound, sounding like a Blueface type beat fused with drill. Generally, the features on this album deliver great verses and compliment the album well and there isn’t an unlistenable song on the album.

Overall, it is a decent album and definitely worth the listen, and it definitely starts and ends very well. Some of the tracks in the middle get a bit repetitive in subject matter, but they aren’t bad songs at all, and this is a solid debut from K-Trap.

Jack @Jacksquared_

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