JusRival – Anti

JusRival – Anti

Another video from MC JusRival has dropped, and ‘Another Day, Blessings’ isn’t fading into the background any time soon.

The interlude of the album, ‘Anti’, is now matched with a cold visual; the greezy Grime track is combined with the bright open location of Dover, the towering white cliffs set as the background for the artist as he performs with ease to the camera. Filmed by Ollie, the visual itself is styled perfectly, with flickering old-school effects and eye-catching transitions, utilizing the set with beautiful cut-aways of the surroundings. ‘Anti’, produced by NIBZMUSIC and DevJamz, is the dominating style we’re used to from this East LDN legend, and his years of 10/10 work-rate are shining through still now.

The aggressive tone of Rival is an unmatched aspect, a controlled piece of his artistry that flares when needed and restricted when desired. ‘Another Day, Blessings’ is a flawless album from the MC, featuring favourites such as Manga St Hilaire and producers Rude Kid and C4.

The video for ‘Anti’ can be found via JusRival’s YouTube Channel, and ‘Another Day, Blessings’ can be streamed across all major digital platforms.

Written by Miz (@MizMedia_)

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