Jaykae- Act Your Age (Wiley Send)

Jaykae- Act Your Age (Wiley Send)

Birmigham-based MC Jaykae has emerged in full-force with a dub, sending for long standing grime spitter Wiley.

It’s no secret to anybody that the pair have been toing and froing on Twitter recently, in response to Wiley calling upon Birmingham MCs for a London vs Birmingham clash. The iconic mic man proposed a battle on September 17th in Brum.
Jaykae has now upped the ante and taken to the mic in response to Wiley’s call for war, with an enticing offering dubbed “Act Your Age”- a swift war dub laced with direct bars. Safe to say Jaykae came fully-charged and ready to defend his name as a Birmingham hailing performer.
As the clash between the cities continues, all eyes are on the scene to watch what goes down over the coming days.
Take in “Act Your Age” (Wiley send) up top!
Written by Shan Selena (@shanselenaj)

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