Jammer x Biggaman – The Jerk Man

On this single Jammer brings back the old skool grime flow that he has been lighting up venue’s with since back in the day. Jammer brings the type of energy that you would hear on a set of Mc’s going against each other from the earlier days of Grime, nothing to complex about it simply just trying to make the best out of what he’s got and lay down the best bars he’s got on a tune however you can hear the improvements he’s made to his styles from back then such as him spitting with more rhythm than back then.

Biggaman’s production consists of melody stabs and sub basslines perfect for Mc’s to ride. The way the tune switches every 8 bars is a lot smoother than most Grime tunes as a lot of producers will try and make the switch more aggressive however on this tune everything seems to fade in and nothing seems out of place. The instrumental still carries a lot of energy in its basslines without using hard sounds which allows for Mc’s to ride it without having to skip over parts of the bassline. Biggaman has recently made a lot of beats for Mc’s and when the vocals mix you get the old skool grime energy on the tunes, definitely someone to pay attention to when it comes to pushing the sound.

The chemistry that these two have shows in this tune with the way that the tune compliments the vocals. Overall this is a sick tune made by two people who have been around for time but still have a lot left to do and need looking out for in the future.

Run the audio here!

BagZe @BxgZe

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