Jammer Ft. JME ‘Ain’t The Same’

Jammer Ft. JME ‘Ain’t The Same’

In this single Jammer keeps up the pure Grime energy from his more recent releases. This is a tune that makes you reflect on how far both of these artists have come since they have been around for so long and done so much. Its so sick to see both of them still bringing the old sound of Grime Mc’s to their tunes.

On this tune Jammer and Jme take time to reflect on the scene and their journey through it. The tune is spaced out with 16 bar hooks in between verses. The sound of Jammer and Jme always provides a nice contrast between the quicker more aggressive flows from Jammer and the more Spaced out and clear flows from Jme.

The beat is more of a wavy instrumental than most Grime tunes however the lyrics sit well over the melodic synths. The instrumental also is layered with bass stabs to give the tune more energy across the verses.

Overall a sick choice for a single to release before the album comes out, I think this tune will get a lot of people excited for what Jammer has in store for us. Jme provides a sick contrast to Jammer in his verse and its always sick to see BBK man together on tunes.

BagZe @BxgZe

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