Izzie Gibbs ‘Join The Club’

Izzie’s back! Having proved to be an incredibly versatile artist in recent years, this EP has a track for every mood, and is a journey in and of itself. The project shows that Izzie just gets better over time, and the cohesive nature of the EP cements Izzie’s status as more than just a rapper, rather as an artist.

‘Sugar & Salt’  With eerie, atmospheric melodies and booming trap drums, along with plenty of space for Izzie to spaz on, coming with bars like ‘Forget passion, tortures the reasons my torch still burns’. Overall an emotional, but still somehow bouncy intro with a slick beat switch, that’s completely seamless. Deep.

‘How Many Times (Feat. Dizmack)’ comes with a woozy trap influence, a heavy 808 and tekky, high pitched, skippy snare/hihats. This one hits hard with every bar. Izzie sings and raps with pure energy, reflecting on everyone who’s wronged him, ‘There’s no weakness in my kindness’. DizMack has raw energy, and a flow and bubble that you can’t help but move to. A bop.

‘Mad @ Me’ delivers a bouncy flute melody, a thumping 808/kick combo and Izzie’s energetic, shotgun flows, as all 3 come together a]to create of the hardest tracks on the album. The track screams rap bravado and just begs to be yelled in the dance, whilst izzie comes with fast paced, cocky lyrics in between; ‘I got the bag on me, drip so occasionally’. Banger, still.

‘No Lies (Feat. Manners)’ In contrast to the last track, this one’s a slower, wavy, afrobeats inspired track. With no rapping to be seen, Izzie and Manners come with some smooth, melodic vocals, directed at their main gyals. ‘Don’t tell me no lies’ echoes throughout the tune. Wavy one for real.

‘Yeh Yeh (Feat. Rawza)’ Another bop, this time Izzie comes with a lazier, slick flow and hard hitting wordplay, all over a very tekky, skippy trap beat. High pitched synth melodies and machine gun 808/s dominate the beat whilst Izzie rides it with a sick flow and patterns like ‘said he’s the man, in front of that he best add lickle, bitch you aint thick, you’re just fickle’ . Rawza skips on the beat effortlessly for his verse, with an ‘IDGAF’ attitude matching the vibe of the riddim.

‘The Peas’ Is an oriental inspired trap beat, with Izzie spitting it bouncy, with bubble in his flow culminate in an absolute banger. Izzie switches his flow to match how the beat  throughout, whilst maintaining hard hitting bars. Money is the motive as always, but Izzie talks about the reality of how he makes it; ‘I hope the Youngers see me and change how they’re living’. The whole track is dynamic, it’s a movie. Izzie does so much on this track a man had to double check it didn’t have a feature. Masterpiece.

‘Can I Say (Feat. YTN Tee)’ Atmospheric soundscapes and a guttural 808 lay underneath Izzie’s emotive, melodic bars with a slowish, woozy feature from YTN Tee. ‘What can I say’ is what echoes throughout each hook, however it’s clear Izzie and YTN Tee have plenty to say about snakes in the grass, and the pain that comes with being on roads. A great insight into the lives of both MC’s.

‘Join the Club’ Dark Piano melodies, and full clip flows from Izzie lay over the skippiest drum combo, packed full of rolls, booming 808’s and greezy subs. The Beat develops with a few different melodies, and Izzie just spits raw venom all over it, not shying away from baring his whole life on the track. ‘I’m from where fuckrie happens’ is the resounding vibe on this one. “If you’re coming out the mud, just like me, join the club’. A fitting end to the journey.

Overall, this project shows just how much Izzie puts into his music, he’s experimented with a number of sounds and energies on each song, and not a single one feels out of place. A track for every mood, with a solid amount of features peppered in, that suit the vibe perfectly.

A wicked project!

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