Izzie Gibbs – Zzz, Prod. K1

Izzie Gibbs – Zzz, Prod. K1

Coming just a month after the release of ‘Stack’, Northampton born artist Izzie Gibbs is back again, this time with visuals for his latest release ‘Zzz’. Brining such a unique sound to his work, Izzie Gibbs has really found his own lane in music and is evidently more than comfortable in it.

Produced by K1, the instrumental is made up of ridiculous kicks that introduce a weighty, 808-led bassline. The abundance of elements borrowed from a variety of prominent UK genres has resulted in a super dynamic track, packed with pockets that Izzie Gibs is just too good at finding.

Displaying incredible talent throughout his career, Izzie has always been one to watch. His incredible work rate is proof that he has been perfecting his craft and his latest releases are evidence that he has found a sound that is truly his own and an abundance of flows that are recognisable no matter what he is spraying over.

Luke Bryant @LukeBryxnt

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