Hype Master : Stormin MC Full Documentary

Stormin MC – ‘Hype Master’

Growing up in East London, Stormin MC, or Shaun Lewis to his friends and family was a pioneer in grime. Developing a rare skin condition called ‘lupus’ at a young age, Stormin was fighting from a young age. Playing a pinnacle roll in building the foundations of grime among the collective N.A.S.T.Y Crew, before joining drum and bass collective SaSaSaS in 2014, Stormin was a talent like no other and an influence to many.

Directed by Isaac Reeder, we are given an intimate insight into Stormin’s battle after being diagnosed with stage 2 skin cancer in 2016, which further developed into stage 3. The documentary ‘Hype Master’ records the incredible strength and positive spirit Stormin held throughout his two-year fight, all the way up until his unfortunate passing in 2018.

With the filming of the documentary starting before his death, we hear from those closest to Stormin as well as the artist himself. Documenting the battle, we get to see just how what Stormin was going through off stage and away from the flashing lights.

With words from those around him like Marcus Nasty, Sharky Major, Jammer and others, as well his family, we are taken on an emotional journey through the legend’s last years. Containing emotional tributes from those mentioned as well as his wife and children, we really get to see the legacy this man has left. Influencing everyone that was lucky enough to be among his presence as well as those who followed his incredible journey.

Stormin MC truly fought harder than anyone ever could. Fighting right until the end, Stormin has left a legacy like no other.

RIP Stormin MC

Luke Bryant @LukeBryxnt

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