Grime Originals Virtual Showcase Of Live Streamed Events – Episode 2

Grime Originals Virtual Showcase 2

Presented by Sharky Major and Logan Sama, Grime Originals brings you the second instalment of the Virtual Showcase. With DJ Logan Sama taking on deck duties, spinning an array of grime instrumentals, both new and old.

The showcase warms up with a short trailer, giving an insight on what to expect from Grime Original’s forthcoming Docuseries, coming to screens in the new year. Kicking off with a teaser of the first episode, we get a look into the life of Dagenham born MC, Devlin and how he came to be one of the most legendary artists in the UK music scene. We are also teased with a clip from Lioness’ Docuseries; speaking on how her older brother was an influence in her early initial interest in barring as well as speaking on some other powerful women that paved the way for others to feel more confident in spitting.  The series will be giving fans a more in-depth view into the lives of your favourite artists and their process of becoming established.

Original OT Crew members Syer B and Devlin are first up on the line-up. Displaying the crazy chemistry these two have, going back to back effortlessly. Performing tracks from their recently released project ‘Channelling Rain’ we have further proof of just how well these two bounce off each other.

Next up in the line-up we see ‘The Greatest to Ever Touch Down’, President T. Starting off with a performance of the title track ‘T on the Wing’ before Logan Sama mixes in some heavier instrumentals for President T to spray some of the classic bars like “Kill of Killy”.

The last set of the showcase was kicked off by a solo performance from Lioness which is then followed by another solo performance from Queenie. Displaying just how talented some of the females in the grime scene really are, showing that they are more than able to shell a set on their own. Lioness hops back in the set to wrap up the show. Going back to back with Queenie over a mix of instrumentals which happened to include ‘Magnum Tekkers’, an instrumental produced by Becky on the Beat, further proof that there is definitely a space for girls in grime!

Lock in below!

Luke Bryant @Lukebryxnt

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