June?! The 6th month of the year already?! It feels like just yesterday I was penning my very first ‘Round Up’ for 2020, and here we are 6 months later already…

It’s not quite the Summer we all had planned (I’m still holding out hope), but the Grime scene is still very much hot, so let’s focus on that as I take you through this month’s round up!


Catch her on this month’s episode of the ‘Grime Originals Show’ shelling down a dope ‘GO Murk’ session, it’s Grime Originals very own Miz with her latest release ‘Better Days (Hard Remix)’. It’s no surprise that this track made my top 5 singles this month – I’m a huge fan of Miz as it is, so when I heard she had dropped a new one I was all ears. I love the way she spits – you can really feel her conviction and pain in her delivery. This ons has definitely been a standout track for me this month.

This track is 4 minutes and 57 seconds of REAL SPIT. From the minute I heard it, I knew I’d have it on heavy rotation. Aside from the instrumental and the way the girls each deliver their verses, the lyrics and context are the selling point for me. It’s one of those tracks that if you can relate, you can relate. I’ve been in my car banging this one out with pure passion and screaming it at the top of my lungs with no shame.

Now this one is aptly titled, cause these two came on smoke for real. The pair did not come to play with this one, from Ruginz’ raspy vocals to Footsie’s classic flow, ‘Back on Smoke’ is short and sweet but packs every punch that it needs to.

Ok this one is a BOP! It’s got that infectious vibe that just makes you wanna bounce around to it. The hook is super catchy and Eyez floats effortlessly over the beat with his verses. Not your typical Grime sound, but the Trap-infused instrumental married with melodic vocals had me playing this one a lot this month.

So usually any kind of football track or football bars go completely over my head, but I gotta say I was feeling this one when it dropped and I’ve been slyly embracing my “England fan girl” persona. Tommy always goes in, especially when it’s time to shell it on a freestyle, and this one was no different. His use of the ‘Bittersweet Symphony’ sample fused with womping 808’s had me like ‘ok…I can mess with this football ting’. I see you Tommy. I can’t promise I’m a convert, but this could be the olive branch.

K9 – Letter to Pops

This month saw us celebrate Father’s Day, however it’s not always an easy or enjoyable day for all. K9 came with a unique Father’s Day offering that I just had to mention – ‘Letter to Pops’. It’s a heartfelt track, where he divulges on his personal strained relationship with his own Father, and highlights some relatable topics when it comes to paternal trials and tribulations. The track comes alongside visuals that poignantly paint the picture of the track, featuring K9’s own family and bearing an emotional sentiment. Big up K9 for wearing heart on his sleeve with this one – it’s refreshing to see!

Manga Saint Hilare – Don’t Just Sit There. Do Something.

It’s impossible for Mr. Saint Hilare not to deliver when it comes to visuals, directed by Adam Horton, the video for ‘Don’t Just Sit There. Do Something.’ is no different. In true Manga style, it’s an effortlessly eclectic affair, with the South-East London spitter donning around 24 different hoodies – standard. The track itself, produced by Lewi B and taken from their joint forthcoming project ‘Glow In The Dark’, is a welcome taster of what’s to expect from the pair’s highly anticipated collaboration.

Lady Leshurr – Dynamite Flow

My memorable moment of June HAS to go to Miss Lady Leshurr with her take on Stormzy’s ‘Wiley Flow’ as she gifted us with her very own ode to the Queen herself Ms.Dynamite. ‘Dynamite Flow’ see’s Leshurr doing what she does best and that’s BARRING – unapologetically and effortlessly. I love the way Leshurr delivers her music, something about everything she does just feels so authentic and true-to-style – from her self directed videos, to her lyrics and her energy. I’m definitely a fan of Leshurr the person as well as the artist, and she never fails to deliver!

Before I wrap it up for this month, be sure to check out the latest episode of the ‘Grime Originals Show’ which is OUT NOW on YouTube (watch it here). The show features a whole host of different Grime shenanigans, including a ‘Grime Quiz’, performances, interviews, my monthly round-up and more!

Chloe Mykel @cocomykel

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