Grime Originals Docuseries- Lioness (Trailer)

Grime Originals Docuseries– Lioness (Trailer)

Set to kick off in 2021, the Grime Originals docuseries will offer viewers an insight into the world of some of the most talked about artists on the scene. Over the past months, we have seen a selection of trailers released via YouTube, the latest taking the shape of female MC Lioness.

Deemed “One of the leading ladies in grime”, Lioness reminisces on her journey to becoming a name spoken by many. Setting the record straight, the no nonsense barrer converses on how she was influenced by other females on the scene, and how she aspired to engrave her name in the industry by taking a solely solo approach.

As an individual who can be seen as inspirational to many upcoming artists, Lioness and her tenacity shine through on the short teaser presented to us.

Catch the trailer above.

Shan Selena @seljw99

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