Grime Originals Docuseries ‘Irah Trailer’

Grime Originals Docuseries – Irah Trailer

Ahead of its 2021 release, Grime Originals brings you the trailer for Irah’s episode in the upcoming Docuseries. As the creator of the ‘Refix Show’, Irah has played a major part in Grime since its birth and a face you are sure to see at almost any Grime Originals show.

Irah speaks on the transition he made from being a Drum and Bass MC to spitting on Grime. Talking about how he returned from Jamaica just as Grime was coming up, making its transition and breaking away from Garage. In turn influencing a change in aesthetics that represented those involced.

Likening Grime’s Britishness to the British Bulldog, the red telephone box and Fish and chips. A genre that truly represented Britain. Whilst also discussing his trips to Jamaica and how Jamaican Dancehall had a heavy influence on Grime’s sound and how this influence made it so different to the already popping, UK Garage.

Luke Bryant @LukeBryxnt

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