Grime Originals Docuseries – Flirta D Trailer

Grime Originals Docuseries – Flirta D Trailer

The docuseries that our very own Grime Originals has created and will publish in 2021 will offer an insight into the people behind the music and the changes and progresses that grime has undergone over the years. Over on the Grime Originals Youtube channel, there are trailers of the series with a number of artists (such as Devlin, Flowdan, Lioness etc), where they give short interviews on the roles they have played in grime and their experiences of it.

The latest trailer is with Flirta D, who has to be one of, if not the most unique MCs we have ever seen and will probably ever see. He speaks about his love for his craft and how he would just spit over absolutely anything he heard, and what he thinks about the possible untold influence that grime has over newer UK street genres.

Make sure to give this a watch – along with any other trailers you may have missed on the channel – and keep your eyes peeled for 2021 when the docuseries drops in its entirety.

Jack: @Jacksquared_

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