Grime Originals Docuseries Devlin Trailer

This trailer of the Grime Originals Docuseries features a standout name in Grime, Devlin.

Devlin starts by telling us how he first came across Grime in its early days. He speaks on hearing old school Garage when he was a kid, he said he liked the tempo of the music and the energy it brought. He then speaks on moving to a new house and when he was flicking through the radio and heard Sharky Major. He said he was drawn in by the complexity of the lyrics and the darker sound of the music. Devlin did well in English at school so he was comfortable with creating lyrics that had more depth to them than the average lyrics that people were spraying at raves. Devlin has become one of the most lyrically talented Mc’s in Grime and arguably one of the best to ever do it. He also speaks on being a fan of Sharky Major and Ghetts, all of these people are still recognised as some of the best lyricists to ever do Grime.

Devlin then speaks on how his lyrics came together, how he came up doing underground raves that people weren’t showing up to and learning his craft after listening to sets in his bedroom. After improving over time he went on to join the OT Crew by being put on by a friend and immediately becoming friends with Dogzilla which got him on pirate radio station Rinse FM where he started to grow his fanbase across London.

Devlin reflection on inspiring some of the younger generation of Grime Mc’s as the people who came before him did. The trailer ends with Devlin saying that hearing other Mc’s try and sound like him or people who are just simply inspired by him is a blessing. Definitely a more relaxed approach to the scene as some Mc’s would be trying to clash people for using their styles, however Devlin knows what he’s done in the scene and doesn’t need to prove this to people.

BagZe @BxgZe

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