Ghetts – Proud Family

 Ghetts – Proud Family

Legendary MC Ghetts is back with a new video for another single from his upcoming album; this one is dubbed “Proud Family”.

The video, directed by Nathan James Tettey, shows a young Ghetts being arrested and taken out of his family home, this is simultaneously compared to the present day, where he is settled with a family of his own. It illustrates the damning effect that arrests have on – not just the person in question – but the rest of the family. The past day scene has grey and plain colours, whereas the present day scene has warmer colours, demonstrating the togetherness of a family, which is taken away by crime. As Young Ghetts is released from prison, he is greeted by his mother, and comes home. He immediately starts spitting lyrics, whilst present day Ghetts is in the studio, showing the end product of his hard work.

The song itself sees Ghetts reflect on his life now, comparing it to the past. He depicts the vulnerability that came with his younger life and reflects on the blessings he has now with his kids and his career as one of the best MCs in the country. He expresses his love for his family that raised him to be the man he is today.

He also released the tracklist at the end of the video for his highly anticipated album. The album is called “Conflict of Interest”, and is 16 tracks long. The fans have been waiting a long time for any official album news, so this will be music to our ears. Now Ghetts has put us on the edge of our seats whilst we wait for a feature list, album artwork and a release date.

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