Ghetts Ft. Skepta ‘IC3‘

Ghetts collaborates with Skepta on IC3

Two legends in the game come together to bring us greatness, yet again. Ghetts and Skepta are undoubtedly two of the best to ever touch mic, and both pioneers in the UK music Scene. This new release titled ‘IC3’ is a track promoting black excellence and self-love, speaking on current day politics, the historical context of being black in Britain as well their own personal experiences.

“Look in the mirror, I see king, I see me. I see who? I see what? IC3.”

With October being Black History Month in the UK and the Black Lives Matter movement gaining so much attention worldwide, this is the perfect track to drop right now. Naming the track ‘IC3’, referencing the code police use to identify the ethnicity of a black person, echoing  the awareness being raised on police brutality against black people, following the murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and many other innocent victims.

We hear the pair going back to back over a dark, eery instrumental produced by Ten Billion Dreams, a classic structure whenever Ghetts collaborates with any legend that came up along with him in the class of Deja. Coming with his signature multisyllabic flow, it is always incredible to see how intricate Ghetts can make his lyrics.

Skepta of course came with greaze, spraying “draw for ‘chete” bars whilst in full October, Halloween Skepta mode.

“Don’t tell me go back where I came from, while the Queen sits there in stolen jewels. Cool, I’ll go back with a chain on and light up the place like Akon”, speaking on historical facts makes the track that much more impactful. Being a minority race in white Britain is an instant disadvantage, being told to go back to where you come from is a common anecdote from many ethnic minorities. Yet the Queen wears the Koh-I-Noor Diamond on her crown, a Diamond stolen from India.

Ghetts also raises the point of taking his money back home, to build foundations for other black people to live a better life. Giving reference to other black artists like Akon, a man who has invested heavily in helping Africa through schemes like Akon Lighting Africa. Providing solar energy in Africa as well as many other developments to improve the quality of life.

We also hear how Skepta turned down the opportunity to receive an MBE. Something that is also referenced in ‘Hypocrisy”. But went to his parent’s’ home in Nigeria in order to obtain a chieftaincy back in 2018. Showing how important it is to love and embrace who you are.

This track is truly important to where we are in history right now. A lesson and a celebration in excellence.

Luke Bryant @Lukebryxnt

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