Footsie – No Favours – In Review, by DirtyCipher

Footsie – No Favours

East London’s former N.A.S.T.Y Crew member, and Newham General Footsie, has delivered an epic, debut Grime album; ‘No Favours’, already exceptionally well received in all the right places (despite only dropping a day, or so, ago), featuring in NME, Complex, Mixmag Dummy Mag and Clash Magazine, to name a few.

The album has been almost 20 years in the making, and Footsie has been an integral part of the scene from its inception, featuring on plenty of tracks, producing them, and releasing both singles and EPs, but ‘No Favours’ is his first major, solo project. 

The album has a host of outstanding features; Casisdead, JME, DdoubleE, Jammer, Frisco, Durrty Goodz, President T, P Money, Triggz, Pepper Rose, and J Appiah, as well some some high grade production from Skream, and Chase n Status, lending heavyweight accents to Footsie’s quality sound and finish, proving simultaneously that Grime is far from dead, and, that after twenty years worth of growth, that the bar is set very, very high.

Coming to Instagram Live on Saturday, to celebrate the release of the album, with Spyro on the buttons, and guest MCing from Jamakabi and Frisco, Footsie spat some old skool bars, alongside shelling off a host of tracks from the album. It’s clear to see his passion for music, and Grime. The live was host to a number of heavyweights in the scene, and the whole set was full of energy, giving real old skool radio vibes, with the freshest 2020 sound.

Employing with a wealth of different styles on the project, Footsie displays his range across a number of patterns, showing not only his own broad, and varied skillset within the genre, but the genre’s own diversity and complexity. ‘No Favours’ is a wicked testament to both. Drawing for the freshest patterns, and bringing through some flavours from the past, this album has everything, and Footsie discloses throughout the project that he’s not to be messed with, in real life, or in music.

The album kicks off with ‘Spread Love’, a gritty example of old skool Grime. Footsie comes hard with it, laying it out from the jump, that he’s really about it, and he’s coming for his dues. Dark.

‘Restless Jack’, Ft. Casisdead, is a menacing follow up, with old skool thriller movie vibes, reminiscent of films like ‘Psycho’, etc., with Footsie and Cas further illustrating that what they say in their bars is really them, still, it’s not for show. Hard. 

‘Pepper Stew’, Ft. JME ushers in a jumpy, skippy pattern, and Footsie and JME lace the track reminding them man that they’ve been about it from the off, and no one can match the levels, they’re the ones. A vibe.

‘No Favours’ is a slower vibe, with smooth flows and bars that come straight from the heart, Footsie discloses that he’s coming for all that’s owed to him, but reminds them man to go easy around him, because he takes no prisoners, still. The perfect driving track.

‘Finesse’ is pure OG Grime, pure greaze, peppered with computer synth accents, Footsie shells down the whole pattern, reminding man he’s already at the top. Waves.

‘Skit’ – This is an original recording of Footsie and DdoubleE’s performance at the FWD club, a sick throwback, and acknowledgment to how far both have come, alongside the genre they love so much.

‘Pattern & Program’ uses the same, full version of the greazy dub plate in the skit,with Footsie shelling all over the pattern that he’s the one, still, his work rate is next to no man’s, and he’s coming for it all. Oooof.

‘My Own Wave’, Ft. DdoubleE & Pepper Rose, is another style of Grime again, with Pepper on the hook, and easier patterns from Footsie, and Ddouble, this one is about focus and determination to succeed. Deep.

‘Music Money’, Ft. DdoubleE & Jammer has a heavy pattern, befitting it’s OG, heavyweight MCs. Energy crew settings from the jump, this one is all about getting the bag from music. Big, big riddim.

‘Hills of Zion’, Ft. Frisco & Durrty Goodz takes another turn still, in terms of style. Heavily influenced by reggae,  the riddim is a whole wave, with the MCs patterning the track about not tolerating any noise, or fools. Vibes.

‘G Set’ Ft. President T & P Money, sees a return to the more aggressive Grime pattern, with an atmospheric, ominous riddim, where the shelling comes like a full clip,and we’re left in no doubt that these man are about it for real, in life, or music; ‘G’s in the set, G’s on the set’. Jheeeeze!

‘Underwater’ Ft. J Appiah, comes back round to reggae influences, on the hook, and straight shelling on the bars from Footsie, about how rough his world was growing up, and how he can’t be anyone but himself, still, no matter who tries to change him, and for whatever purpose. He deals, how he deals, and that’s it. Heavy.

‘Frank Bruno’, Ft. Triggz is another return to aggressive, jumpy patterns, hard, hard flows, and both Footsie and Triggz leave no man in doubt that they’re fully about it, and they’re really at the top; ‘Black British heavyweight’. Greaze.

‘Easy For You’, Ft. J Appiah closes the album on an easier vibe, with a tune about the Gyal dem, effort, love, loss, and keeping it moving, towards that top spot. Deeper settings.

Footsie set out to deliver a whole album of Grime, that proudly displays undeniable quality, from Footsie himself, right through production, beat selection, features, bars, and artists. Determined to patent his near 20 year wave, and claim his spot at the top to collect his dues, Footsie has delivered a masterpiece, and a true testament to the genre he reps and loves with ‘No Favours’’

A Grime album.

Outstanding, cop it, stream it, alladat, here!

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