Coming seven years after his first ‘Represent’ freestyle, FlirtaD is back for more. Gracing Bedford based channel, Eats Media with a second instalment of the long running freestyle series is one way to start the New Year. Kicking off the year early, Flirta D clearly has lots in store for the year to come.

Bringing bars both new and old, Flirta D continues to amaze and push his unique sound further than it has already gone. Effortlessly intertwining his iconic sound effects lyrics and hard-hitting bars, Dirty Flirts truly is a legend. Further pursuing his solo career, it is clear that Flirta D has a lot more to offer.

From clashes with Skepta and turning over raves to freestyles and full-length projects, Flirta D has done it all. Proving again and again that he is one of the well-deserved greats. A true Grime Original.

Luke Bryant @LukeBryxnt

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