Five Pound Munch – Tommy B

Watch Tommy B take part in the latest episode of ‘Five Pound Munch’

Safe to say we have all been reliant on a good laugh to get us through the hardship of 2020. The much anticipated web series Five Pound Munch has returned for a new episode, this time enlisting Essex based MC Tommy B.

Courtesy of Grime Report TV, the addictive YouTube series has kept us hooked over the past years, with some hilarious moments and exciting guest features. The turn of none other than Tommy B was set to be yet another infectiously funny episode.

Stepping into the corner shop, Tommy and Lordie are sure to be taking note of the Covid precautions, with a swift temperature check and not to mention Lordies attempt to get Tommy fully dressed in PPE. Humorous from the offset, with his Five Pound note in hand, Tommy takes to the aisles to hunt out his preferred munch.

Lock in to find out how Tommy did.

Shan Selena @seljw99

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