Filthy Gears ‘Hunting’

Filthy Gears Drops Vocal Version of ‘Hunting’

Residing in Rugby, Producer and MC, Filthy Gears gives us his vocals to the self-produced track ‘Hunting’. Producing for the best in grime and creating timeless instrumentals that you will hear at any rave, anywhere, Filthy Gears show us the levels he can set on the mic as well as the buttons.

Spitting over the instrumental which was released earlier on this year on the project, ‘Pure Filth Vol.3’, the riddim gives off eerie, Halloween vibes. Featuring stabs similar to those heard on Filthy’s 2017 Halloween release, ‘Freddy vs Chucky’, it is definitely the right feel for this time of year.

“Elmer Thudd without the shotty I’m hunting”

Referencing Elmer Thudd, the Looney Tunes character and spraying “the flows old school like Turtles”, Filthy is appealing a certain generation of fans. Creating authentic music that reflects who he is why he has made such an impact on how grime has evolved over the years. One of the greatest producers that the genre has seen whilst proving that he can come with original flows and lyrics as well.

Luke Bryant @LukeBryxnt

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