Ffsytho – Mad Remix, Prod. Olja Beats

FFSYTHO: Midlands Madness!

The tiny one-woman terror squad that is FFSYTHO, is back at it again with another banger for us to bop to, with the release of her remix to ‘Mad’ produced by Olja beats. After predicting FFSYTHO would blow up in 2020, on the release of her April 2019 violin infused smash ‘Bop Through Ya Manor’ which ripped up the airwaves, observing her meteoric rise to greatness this year has been nothing short of thrilling. Her hard work and mad talent flung open doors of opportunities simultaneously, as the titchy tough talker, secured multiple bags by featuring on Tranzmission’s festival line up, spittin’ heat on Sir Spyro’s 1xtra – Sound of the verse, and attaining a collab with King Apparel clothing. All in a year’s work for FFSYTHO, it’s a minor when every bar you spray is packed with major skills!

Unlike the haunted house, menacing, and minimal production by Maniac on the original ‘Mad’ released January 2020, the ‘Mad remix’ by contrast is skippy, bouncy and energetic. Producer Olja comes through with frantic hi-hats and kicks, underscoring the track with a persistent bouncy B-line for good measure. We all know FFSYTHO can flow fiercely on any riddim flung her way, but the levels of savagery contained in the sting of every bar hurled full force, never fails to amuse. The beast from the East (Midlands, Northampton to be precise) is fully mocking it throughout the track, as she goes on a truthful tirade against some of the mandem, who claim to be the top boy on road in their ends, when the reality according to ‘YTHO is that they are “Reminiscing of a fight that he had in year 9, when more time he’s never swung a fist in his life. It’s evident ‘YTHO has had enough of the flexin’ and posturing she has observed in some men, in their quest to replicate the “GTA 5 lifestyle” she feels they are forcing. Her bars are deliciously wicked and biting, as we all know someone just like the person ‘YTHO describes in her rhymes.

Yet again FFSYTHO proves she is a no nonsense, savage contender on the mic, who is more than capable of going head 2 head, back 2 back or clash after clash with any of her competitors within the grime scene; male or female.

Cammy Thomas @Cammy_Camilla

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