Eyez ‘Country Bars’, Prod. ZDot & Krunchie

Eyez is back with a new single “Country Bars”. This name sums up the tune perfectly as almost all of the bars in the song consist of wordplay that relates to a country’s name. This is a sick idea that has never been explored in this level of depth before by any artist in the scene.

The idea to end every bar with wordplay that references a country as a Grime Mc doesn’t sound that appealing, however the track hits hard and actually carries a lot more technical wordplay than you might expect for someone just ending bars with country names. Eyez’s delivery of the bars is always strong however this tune really emphasizes how good he is and how creative he can get with it.

Zdot and Krunchie’s production consists of a traditional Grime style riddim with a lot of trap elements such as the bounce 808s. The beat also switches up halfway through to provide a more intense sound for Eyez to do the hook over.

Overall a sick tune with someone trying something different that you don’t really hear from many Grime Mc’s today and surprisingly this idea proved to be a sick template for Eyez to show his skills as an Mc on this riddim.

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