Eksman & Harry Shotta ‘Fire Workz 2’

Eksman & Harry Shotta- Fire Workz 2

We can’t lie and say that it hasn’t been pretty much curtains for the rave scene this year, but nonetheless artists continue to work on their craft and bring us back to back bangers to get us through a global pandemic.

Two of the DnB scenes most heavyweight MC’s to date, Eksman and Harry Shotta, have once again joined forces to bring us a second helping of the ‘Fire Workz’ saga. This energetic riddim encompasses two distinctive flows, a vibrant instrumental, all entangled in some tricky word play. No doubt about it, the signature styles of both MC’s comes through in full force, yet another showcase of Drum and Bass MC’s at their finest.

Safe to say, ‘Fire Workz 2’ can be expecting a wheel up.

Run it up here!

Shan Selena @Seljww

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