Dutchavelli ‘Dutch From The 5th’

With a husky and distinctive voice, hard-hitting bars and a confident demeanor, rapper Dutchavelli has all the aspects to become one of the UK’s most well-known rappers, and he’s done exactly that. After being part of one of the biggest singles of the year, aiding Tion Wayne and Stormzy to make ‘I Dunno’, and gaining a large amount of new fans after delivering his popular track “Only If You Knew” back in January, Dutch has been paving his way to the top.

As the UK goes into its second lockdown, the East Londoner has blessed us with his brand-new mixtape “Dutch From The 5th” that will leave you feeling fierce and ready to accomplish anything. The mixtape gives us an insight into the life from which he came from over some drill and grime inspired beats.

With 16 songs on the tape, it’s clear that Dutch has been working hard over the past few months to deliver a solid piece of work, and on every single track Dutch tells a different story that keeps you locked in throughout, and his raspy vocals make you believe every word.

Dutch has collaborated with fellow drill rapper M1llionz on ‘Cool With Me’ for a fast-paced track that will make you bop your head as soon as you hear it. The pair unload some menacing lyrics over a haunting production from The FaNaTiX: “Get caught on a glide, it’s peak, I was S-Row boppin’ on opp block, find me an opp, play hide and seek, out here, man, it’s finders keepers, run up on the plug, what a find I keep. In guns and money, we trust, when shh gets dropped, my mind’s at ease, came up this side and chose that side, my n***a, that’s fine with me, my n***a, that’s cool with me…/”

“Zero Zero” is another hard tune from the tape, and Dutch has dropped the accompanying visuals for it today. Throughout “Zero Zero” you will hear Dutch’s iconic rhythm in motion and the catchy chorus will be stuck in your head by the end of the track. In the ‘Peaky Blinders’ style music video, Dutch demonstrates his acting abilities, a career I’m sure dutch could definitely dive into, if not, voiceovers for sure.

With just three features on the entire mixtape, it’s a strong sign that Dutch can stand his own ground, be versatile and provide us with a standout mixtape. There’s a reason why Dutch is one of the UK’s biggest Drill stars, and his new mixtape showcases that.

Take in “Dutch From The 5th” below.

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