D Power Diesle x Skepta ‘Sniper’, Prod. Teddy Silencer

Coming through on some Teddy Music greaze, with a booming 808, continuous hihats, and an airy, atmospheric synth, that starts each four on a bell, D Power and Skepta have come to remind everyone who sets the levels on ‘Sniper’, a track from D Power’s EP, ‘Graphene’.
The riddim starts with Skepta, spitting in his signature, punchy, ‘no time for it’ flows, and he patterns his verse with bars about how they did it at the start, on radio, how they were always ready for war, and how certain man shouldn’t think things have changed, just because he’s made it, rather they should remember he don’t even need to get near the beef these days. Cold.

The hook has 2 rounds, which talk about exactly how things were done in Grime at the start, like having to go to the tekkiest spots just to get yourself out there, and still keep the mettle to shut everyone down on the mic, the first round spat by Skepta, and the second by D Power, leading seamlessly into his verse, where he reminds everyone he’s been here for the longest, and he’s not the one to be played, in music or on road. Later he muses about the state of Grime when it was left to the youngers, and reminisces about doing it with a just a mic, 2 decks and a mixer, telling them man ‘If you can’t bill a beat then spit a lyric/King of the grime scene, that’s not you‘, with a nod of homage to Skepta on the way out. Hard.


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