D Power Diesle ‘Graphene Volume One

Releasing a full project of bangers, D Power Diesle has released a whole wave to pattern up your summer, with some sick features, the overall vibe is; get the bag, and leave the road behind.

’Village Squeezing’ is the first track on the project, with a dark pattern made of a heavy 808, snare and hihats keeping pace, and horn and bell-like melodies, D Power pays homage to Wiley, as he spits ‘Straight back to the village rude boy, I’m back at it’, sharing that he’s real on road and you better watch for me in music, still, my work rate is unmatched m and I’m coming same way. Keep up or move. Hard!

‘Half Past 2’ has horn synth stabs, floating vocal synths, a hard kick/snare combo and busy hihats backing D Power as he spits about no man having anything that makes him question his, stating he’s got bread, got crew, and he’s really about it, so he’s coming for that music bag, and getting off the road with it. Deep.

’Sniper, Ft. Skepta’ This track is reviewed in full here!

’Irie, Ft. Wiley, Footsie & Jammz’ comes with heavy bass stabs, a similarly patterned light melody line, a hard kick/snare combo and skippy hihats, as the 4 heavyweights pattern the beat with straight fire, spitting about bring back Grime, coming for the bag, being real, being really at the top, and being caked, shouting out bare Grime OGs on the track. A vibe.

’Hold On’ comes slightly different with it, replete with computer synths, horn stabs, and a deep sub bass, D Power laces the track with patterns the riddim telling them man that he loves everyone, and he wants to win with his music, but don’t try test because he’s really been about it ‘Done with the war ting and the gun tings/I don’t wanna bus’ a man’s Boat like a pumpkin’. Greazy.

‘Deep In Love, Ft. Wiley’, with a soundscape, bell, computer and vocal synths, and a hard kick/snare pattern, D Power and Wiley lace the track for the gyaldem, talking about wanting just one, and a real one at that. Wavey.

’Roast MCs, Ft. Grim Sickers’ this one comes with piano and vocal synths, a hard kick, and skippy snare/hihat patterns, the MCs shell the riddim about being the best, the realest, and being unafraid of war. Vibes.

’Birthday Suit’ is another riddim for the gyaldem, with a hard 808, busy hihats, and piano and bell synth melodies, D Power tells the one ‘Me and you suit, look good in your birthday suit‘. A bop.

D Power is definitely aiming for the top, the who,e project is a vibe!

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