DDoubleE & Triggz ‘Likkle Fish’

Newham General, D Double E links up with Triggz to bring us visuals for the new track ‘Likkle Fish’. Brought to us by Against All Odds, the track is set to feature on the soundtrack for the upcoming, highly anticipated movie, focusing on the development and evolution of Grime.

The cinematic visuals brought to us by Nicky “Slimting” Walker and Femi Oyeniran, we see D Double E and Triggz take on a Tron style journey to deliver legendary Lord of The Mics tapes to Grime Mecca. All whilst trying to avoid threats, including the infamous Merkle Man.
Produced by Rude Kid, the track really involves some of the most legendary and hardworking individuals in the scene.
The film Against All Odds is due to be released on November 13th Covering some of the most pinnacle individuals and organisations that played a part in building Grime. Wanting to improve the aesthetics of Grime, directors set out to create high quality, short films for the soundtrack’s music videos. Which they have more than achieved with the visuals for “Likkle Fish”
Luke Bryant @LukeBryxnt
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