DDoubleE, Ft. Kano ‘Tell Me A Ting’

Two of the UK’s greatest ever D Double E and Kano have come together for a massive banger “Tell Me A Ting” 

Even before hearing the tune, you know you’ve got a smash hit on your hands when two legends of the calibre of D Double E and Kano link up.

The former N.A.S.T.Y Crew members certainly haven’t let the fans down on this one, unleashing venomous flows all over a heavy, thumping instrumental from Nat Powers. The two artists, each hugely renowned for their prodigious and unique MCing ability, complement each other perfectly on the track; Kano cuts through crisply for his verse with a calm poise and measured, skippy flows, right after D Double’s hard-hitting chorus. Another thing that is for certain is that this one is sure to go off in clubs and stage shows when the time eventually comes!

The video for the track, directed by Louis Mackay, fits perfectly with the vibe of the music with its dark and eerie setting. Furthermore some of the video’s clever and stylish cuts and edits mirror the almost magical aura of these two titans of the scene.

Double and Kano have certainly developed a close relationship and musical chemistry over the years, all the way from their aforementioned time together in N.A.S.T.Y Crew through to this latest single (along the way there have also been smash hits such as ‘Reload It’ from Kano’s timeless ‘Home Sweet Home’ album, the MCs remix to The Streets’ anthem ‘Get Out My House’ and last year’s candidate for song of the summer ‘Class of Deja’). The respect between the two is evident on this track and that allows both artists to shine brightly.

This track is the perfect example of two MCs who have seemingly perfected their craft, working together in beautiful harmony.

By Kase @OriginalKamS

Run the audio here!

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