DDoubleE- Fresh N Clean 2020

D Double E
, Keeping Us Festive Fresh and Christmas Clean!

Grime’s court jester as I like to affectionately term him owing to his comedic wit and characterisations, as evidenced on 2018’s epic release ‘Jackuum!’, has had a phenomenal 2020, serving up doubles for days, releasing back to back singles throughout the year. Whether D Double E is on the frontline leading tracks – (‘Tell Me A Ting’, ‘Lockdown’, ‘Frontline’ or ‘Don’) or riding the riddim as a featured artist (‘Balaclava’, ‘Lemme Know’ or ‘Likkle Fish’), no one can step to D Double and accuse him of doing nothing all year, despite the fact we’ve had no choice to do just that due to lockdown; Double has remained active, ensuring to keep us entertained, as we were also treated to the impressive 12 track album; ‘Double or Nothing.’

As the year winds down, and we prepare to chuck the “Very very very very unacceptable” 2020 in the bin, ‘Double has one more surprise attached to his bluku blukku baubles for us to enjoy. Double has returned with ‘Fresh N Clean 2020’, a welcome comeback after the playful track’s storming success when featured on Ikea’s 2019 Christmas advertisement campaign, which was beamed across the nation on prime time TV (A very proud moment for grime heads everywhere.) ‘Fresh N Clean 2020’ opens with the same mischievous strains of its predecessor, as the instrumental seems to tease that those elves on the shelves strategically placed around kids bedrooms, really do come alive at night to have a ride around on Santa’s reindeer!!

Being the supreme lyrical general that he is, D Double has no problem curating his bars to adequately surmise the drudgery of 2020. Doubles commentary on the challenging year opens with “I must confess, 2020, nuttin but stress”, I can almost hear a collective cry of ‘FAXXXX’ across the UK as I type! D double remembers to shout out NHS workers for their tireless efforts; and rightly so. The tracks light-hearted instrumental beguiles the melancholysubject matters, asDouble expertly tackles, the untimely passing’s of Kobe Bryant, Pop Smoke, Maradona and George Floyd (R.I.P to the fallen soldiers.) Strangely, D Double provides a sense of comfort as he details the changes, we’ve all been forced to adapt to, as he details how much of a ghost town formerly interactive spaces have become – football stadiums, boxing arenas, bars and supermarkets.

The mic master deploys his modus operandi – Bringing humour and bants to the direstsituations, by impersonating Queen Lizzy (D Double for Spitting Image 2021, I’m calling it now!) and even includes a Bojo soundbite; “Hands. Face. Space.” Listen out for the perfectly placed Macaulay Culkin reference, as D Double states lockdown makes him feel home alone at times, just like the film’s protagonist at Christmas. D Double E’s ability to mesh the silly and serious on ‘Fresh N Clean 2020’, is so well executed that by the time the track ends, you realise you are not alone as D Double vocalises what each and every one of us have experienced this year, you may as well be having a convo with a mate.

Here’s to 2021 when D Double can tell us a ting on stage, in rammed festival settings, minus the mask!

Cammy Thomas @Cammy_Camilla

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