Watch Back ‘Da Roof’ With D Power & More

Taking it back to the old skool, D Power is brought back ‘Da Roof’ settings from Deja Vu, with a modern spin, to determine who’s still a Don on the mic, and which newcomers could  contend for the title.

On Friday night, D Power officially launched his new ‘Da Roof’ series with a high energy 2 hour grime set featuring a mix of some of the biggest and most established names in the scene and some of its most exciting, up and coming talent.

D Power, founder of legendary station Deja Vu, seems to have made his goal for 2020 to bring some of grime’s original essence back to the fore. Earlier this year he released his ‘Graphene Volume 1’ project, which featured pioneers such as Wiley, Skepta and Footsie, and now he is looking to bring back some of the energy of the famous Deja Vu rooftop with a monthly series of sets streamed live from that site.

The concept of ‘Da Roof’ is to have two of grime’s most innovative selectors going back to back on the decks, alongside around 10-15 MCs of different generations and levels within the game. This week we saw distinguished producer and DJ, Teddy Music (aka Silencer), take to the decks back to back with one of the leaders of the new-school DJ Oblig. For this first set we did in fact actually probably end up seeing slightly more than the intended 15 MCs pass through (20+) – ranging from long established names such as D Double E, Sharky Major, Frisco, Jamakabi and Hitman Hyper to more up and coming hungry new-gen MCs such as Tommy B, Queenie and SBK. We were also treated to sprinkling of D Double’s DJ alter-ego DJ Dan behind the decks, mixing it up with Oblig and Teddy.

The set began with some bars from members of the Sheffield crew Scumfam and Birmingham’s Deadly, bringing a new energy to the iconic setting. London veterans Footsie, Manga Saint Hilare and D Power himself then joined them on set, building the energy in the set with their seasoned nous. After a few standout turns on the mic from Jammz, Discarda and Tommy B, Hitman Hyper, Sharky Major and Jammer took to the mic to run through some of their iconic Nasty Crew bars. The tone was clearly set by this point and right on cue, D Double entered the scene taking to the mic to run through some of his best known reload bars.

Every MC brought their A-game with them on the mic but standout performers included Manga Saint Hilare, sharpened from a set at Frisco’s ‘The Den’ event the day before, Jamakabi, SBK and of course the inimitable DDoubleE.

A highlight of the set was new-gen MC Tommy B and Frisco trading lyrical spars back to back towards the end of the set. The younger MC took to the microphone with such venom and energy after Frisco that Frisco had to call for the microphone back from Manga, who he had just passed it onto, in order to rally a response.

I very much look forward to more of that iconic Deja rooftop energy at the Da Roof event in a month’s time – but for now we’ve just got to hold the vibes from this set!

Be sure to follow Da Roof on YouTube for the next instalment!

Kase @OriginalKamS

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