Crazy Titch ‘Twice’ Via GRM Daily

Coming through on the beat for Headie One’s ‘Both’, Crazy Titch has done an absolute madness!
With fire flows, Titch spits about the duality of life on road, and in music, and shares that having a famous face, ironically, is what lead him to be misidentified, but explains that said witness still couldn’t identify him as part of a line up.
Titch points out the other mitigating factors, for the reason he remains in jail to be that one,  he didn’t, and wouldn’t ever break street code, and two, the legal aid system in this country is a shambles. Later he remarks that he doesn’t want much more from life, other than his freedom, and warns how easily it can be lost.
Titch has an ongoing campaign for a fair trial, and a petition for this, which you can sign here!

By DirtyCipher @DirtyCipher

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