Crafty893 ‘Induction EP’

Multi-talented South Londoner Crafty 893 gives us an ‘Induction’ to his unique sound with brand new 7-track EP

Crafty 893 is a man of many talents; he is a very technically skilled MC, a raw and honest writer, one of the grime scene’s most innovative young producers, and he mixes and masters. On this debut EP project, ‘Induction’, we see the full scope of Crafty’s artistry at work.

The opening track, the titular ‘Induction’, serves as a perfect introduction to Crafty – as he himself puts it “in one track you get everything I am about.” Crafty’s personality shines through on the track behind a barrage of slick, dextrous wordplay. The second track ‘Luv Me’ comes in perfect sequencing; the track has a much lighter feel, as Crafty gives us his own cheeky disengaged perspective on romance and relationships over a beat characterised by an upbeat vocal sample. The final vocal track on the project ‘Get It Back’ has Crafty rhyming alongside long-term collaborators Ramzey and PJ Anthony, with whom he was formerly in the KOZA893 crew with. The balance of melody and hard-hitting flows on the track fits the more mellow production (again made complete by some clever use of vocal samples) perfectly.

The EP is then rounded off with a polished yet heavy grime instrumental ‘Numb’ and the instrumentals for the three vocal tracks on the project, which are all produced by Crafty himself (as you can tell by the distinctive “Crafty are mans dumb?” tag – an audio clip from OVO photographer Sharmarke). Crafty cites North Carolina producer 9th Wonder as one of his key production influences, and it is easy to hear this come across in Crafty’s genre-blending productions and proficient use of samples.

Crafty seems to be constantly evolving as a multi-faceted artist, honing all the different skills that he possesses. It is no wonder that OGs such as Wiley, Terror Danjah and Sir Spyro are such big fans, as is ever rising star Big Zuu (who brought Crafty along to Outlook Festival for a few huge performances). This EP, his first release on label Tru Thoughts, should let you know that Crafty is one to watch keenly.
Kase @OriginalKamS

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