Chip – Clash? (prod. Zeph Ellis) [Stormzy Diss]

Chip – Clash? (prod. Zeph Ellis) [Stormzy Diss]

Chip is back with the smoke in “Clash?”,responding to Stormzy’s bars in his verse on Dave’s new song: “Clash”. Stormzy sends for Chip with bars like: “Slid round after his birthday, gave him a happy belated one, burnt that bridge, cremated one, bailiff one” and “don’t know about war til you end in one…needed a hit, could have penned him one cos you’re pending one”. The “Fire Hydrant” remix from Zeph Ellis immediately sets us up for a hard, grimey diss and it bangs.

Even in the title of the song, Chip is mocking Stormzy, questioning if he is really up for the clash, as all he can do is “sneaky features”. He asks “why call it Clash” if Stormzy won’t clash him properly. He even pokes jabs at Dave for allowing Stormzy to send for him on his song: “Let him indirect on your song, holding 2, all from one”.

Chip also takes aim at Stormzy’s hypocrisy, referencing a tweet from Dave in 2018, asking for an increase in “stop and search cos black kids dying ain’t fun” then compares that to Stormzy’s “zombies and ride outs, guess it’s 2021”.

Perhaps one of the best and most comical bars of the diss is when Chip says he “lives in his head rent free, so miss me with the bailiff ones” then mocks Stormzy’s forehead with “doom doom, knocking at your forehead from the insde, it’s me, you can hold this one”. Listening for the first time, this got an instant reload from the top; it’s just too savage, character destroying and an absolute mockery of him all at the same time. This shows Chips ability to just wreck the microphone whilst still making jokes, he’s still a Killer MC even when he’s being casual.

This is again showing the smoke Chip can bring, and it has the grimey clashing element that the scene grew up on. You cannot send for Chip without expecting a reply, even if it’s a sly one.

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