Cadell ‘LONDON x My City’

Merging two tracks into one video, Cadell has dropped some crisp visuals for both his ‘London’ track, from his last album ‘L.O.N.D.O.N.’, and a new track released on SoundCloud ‘My City’. With visuals shot in and around London, Cadell reminds us just how cold he is.

Kicking off on a Splurt Diablo beat, with an occasionally choppy soundscape, sub bass, and computer synth melodies, this riddim has a slower vibe to it, and Cadell laces the track with bars about how the city keeps him down, how the poverty keeps people trapped, and how the police don’t care. He laments that even friends turn to enemies, under this kind of strain. Deeper settings.

The track then switches pace, and becomes ‘My City’, also produced by Splurt Diablo, into a much more Drilly vibe, with high synths and a busy, but occasional snare, and an atmospheric soundscape, Cadell shells down the riddim with bars about living in London coming like GTA, and explains he’s gotta stay protected because it gets tekky in the ends. Cadell also reminds them man, that he’s got music on lock, same way, and they can hate all they want, but he don’t forget. Cold.

Cadell never disappoints!

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