Cadell ‘Angry Kid’, Prod. Splurt Diablo

Come onnn! Cadell has patterned another one, consistently dropping fire left and right, Cadell has shelled down the sparse, but urgent riddim, comprised of only high synth melody stabs, and open and closed hihats, from front to back.
Spitting about road and music, and the life he’s lived in both, Cadell shares he has no regrets, he’s earned his authenticity, but that it’s come at a price, such as being locked off from shows, and certain events.
Later he spits about wanting a better life for his daughter, and a life of solitude for himself, away from all the noise of haters in both parts of his life, and shares that he’s gonna get the bag and get out, lamenting that he trusts noone, but noting that he can’t be touched due to this fact.

Always a quality release from Cadell, keeping it all the way 100, check out the new heat!

DirtyCipher @DirtyCipher

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