Cadell – Angry Kid Outro, Prod. Splurt Diablo

Cadell Angry Kid Outro

On this tune Cadell slows the tempo down to reflect on his life and his surroundings, mostly in east London. The flows on this track start slow leaving space between bars however Cadell speeds it back up quite quickly.

One of my favourite things about hearing Rap tunes from Grime Mc’s is that you can hear everything that they learnt from the scene translated over to a different genre. In my opinion this gives artists a massive edge in the rap scene since their music will always sound different from others because they learnt how to spit bars from a different scene. Some Grime Mc’s struggle when it comes to slowing the tempo down and some guys just do whatever is popping in the Rap scene at the moment however in this tune you can hear the Grime in this tune even though it is Rap and being able to bring sounds together and do it well can be a lot harder than it sounds but the pay off for doing so is massive since you can tap into multiple scenes.

The instrumental was produced by Splurt Diablo, it contains lots of melody and VOX stabs that move quite fast for a Rap tune. The tune is also layered up with sub basses to complement its melodies. An instrumental for more intricate lyrics in sound.

Overall excellent tune from Cadell. In this tune there is something for all of his supporters, spaced out lyrics which lets the instrumental breathe but Cadell also changes it up throughout the tune where his bars get longer and string together more. One thing to notice is that this tune doesn’t have any adlibs which further shows his ability to bar on the mic.

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