Bugzy Malone x Chip – Notorious (Prod. by Blinkie & Kevin Gani)

Bugzy Malone x Chip – Notorious (Prod. by Blinkie & Kevin Gani)

One of the biggest link ups in the scene has finally happened; after posting a pic together at the end of 2017, the fans were asking for a collaboration. Enter “Notorious”,  for which the producers Blinkie & Kevin Gani have used a vocal sample from the Turbulence hit of the same name.

The clash in 2015 was one of the biggest clashes grime had seen in a very long time and has some classic moments from it (eg. Chip’s “Dickhead” video in the petrol station, or Bugzy pulling up to Tottenham for “Relegation Riddim”). Now, their collaboration nearly 6 years later is one of the biggest moments the scene could see right now.

Chip addresses the elephant in the room, with lyrics like “Me and B ain’t ever going out like Pac & Biggie”, and being thankful that they have both been able to benefit from their clash, avoiding any serious harm. They both talk about their independence and how successful they have been, now without the major labels.

It is a monster tune and certainly doesn’t disappoint the expectations that were set for it, especially from myself, as an absolutely huge Chip fan. Hopefully this isn’t the only offering they have together…

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