Blay Vision ‘Realist Cuz’

Blay Vision ‘Realist Cuz’

The Tottenham born MC and producer, Blay Vision display just how dynamic his talents are on his new track, ‘Realist Cuz’.

Playing around with hooks and melodies, Blay Vision experiments with a variety of different sounds on this one. The self-produced tracks give off more of an electronic and futuristic sound than we are used to hearing from this artist.

Taking a self-reflective stance, we witness Blay going back and forth with his own inner thoughts and past experiences. Brought to life by directors Adam Horton and Henry Hewitt, the visuals show the inner conversations that Blay is having with himself in the lyrics. Embodying the classic image of speaking to a therapist, it is evident that self-reflection has been a key step in Blay Vision’s growth and has helped him be where he is right now.

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