Big Zuu ‘Great To Be’

Big Zuu slows it down for this single to speak his mind about his current feeling of the world. Souls production allows for Zuu’s lyrics to be more spaced out and impactful with female vocal samples complementing the hook which makes for a more commercial sound however still keeps it grime. Zuu’s lyrics still hit hard spitting about where hes from and how far hes come. He also takes time to show love to his family and speaks on his relationships with people from the past. The lyrics in this tune provide a small retrospective of Big Zuu’s life.

Souls production on this tune is amazing with calm and catchy piano riffs over the verses. Over time Cellos come in and out to give the tune more character and eventually build up the beat for the hook. The hook sounds sick with vocal stabs dropping in and out and Zuu’s adlibs that have been edited in an equaliser keeps the hook fresh. This hook is drawn out for along time however the mixing of the vocals keeps it entertaining and I think it was done really well.

Overall a more commercial tune however still filled with deep bars from Zuu spitting about real things in his life and an excellent production from Soul gives the vocals so much more impact when they play over the piano stabs and makes a solid foundation for the hook to sit on.

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