Becky On The Beat- The Spicy Route

Becky On The Beat– The Spicy Route

This ‘BandCamp Friday’ has seen an abundance of cold drops from MC’s and producers alike. Stepping up with a fiery offering, upcoming female producer Becky On The Beat delivers “The Spicy Route”as an addition to the outstanding projects seen today.

Coming through in the shape of a BandCamp exclusive, the progressive instrumental takes on an intense, nostalgic grime feeling throughout. The dynamic riddim is laced with snares and kicks, bringing an essence of energy and creating an infectious tune.

It’s always refreshing to witness the progress of emerging artists within the grime community, here’s to hoping this is the first of many BandCamp exclusives we will receive from Becky On The Beat in the near future.

Take in the production here!

Shan Selena @seljw99

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