Becky On The Beat ‘Kinks EP’ + ‘Boolin Peppercorn Source’ X Nasty Jack

Continuing her run of fire production, Bekz is back with a bag of new bangers for your head tops, including a riddim with Nasty Jack. We caught up with her to find out how she got started, and where she’s going next, check it out!

DC: How long have you worked in the music industry?
Bekz: Consistently for a year, I’ve always dabbled behind the scenes in ukg doing odd bits here and there

DC: What inspired you to start producing?
Bekz: Was in the studio with NJ one day while he was working on a track and I was like I don’t like that sound add the other sound and he was like ok I’m gonna teach you to produce

DC: Where do your influences come from?
Bekz: The usual places lol I like P Jam, Terror Danjah, D.O.K type sounds I love J Beatz productions – I like 80’s dancehall my vibes will always start there I guess- Supercat Ninja Man dem man

DC: How would you describe your sound, production wise?
Bekz: I like to think I make music that’s a vibe not a sit down vibe but a dancing skippy vibe, that’s the vibe I like and I make music I want to dance to I guess
DC; How did the filthygears collaboration come about?
Bekz: We talk occasionally and he was like shall we collab I was like yeah I’m down, he sent me stems and that and we took it from there, I think we’ll be doing more in future

DC: Who else would you like to work with?
Bekz: Erm producer wise I don’t know lol, I’d love to do a track with any Ny I think her flow would fit my sound perfectly, I wanna work with MC’s especially women Talifah & Queenie

DC: You have a tune out with Nasty Jack on the kinks instrumental, and a scorching video to go with it, how did that come about?
Bekz:That was crazy lol I woke up and I had a whole concept for a video I called NJ and was like yo listen to this and he was like nah that sounds mad, and he was like what Riddim (cos I have a few just sitting down) I was like nah I’m gonna make it lol So I had the concept for the video and no Riddim and he was like you’re crazy then I made the riddim and was like this one and he was like this is sick I might have to bless it so I was like cool
Then I was like let’s just do the video for that and added my ideas for his scenes and Yh it’s mad

DC: You previously shelled down one of your own riddims, which, I might add was pure fire (despite the fact I once made the mistake of calling you Becky, myself), are we gonna get any more of that in the future?
Bekz: Lol nah I’m not, that was a one off lol NJ was like nah I bet you can’t do it and me being me was like yeah I can do whatever watch and Yh there it is. Lol lots of people asked for a hook after that but nah thats not me loin

DC: What’s next for you?
Bekz: More Riddims, more collaborations, hopefully able to get in studio with some MC’s – more Grime that’s what it’s all about

If you haven’t copped already, run the EP up here! And the riddim with Nasty Jack here!


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