Becky On The Beat – In The Algoriddim

Becky On The Beat – In The Algoriddim

Becky On The Beat made her move into the producer community of the Grime scene early last year, and has wasted absolutely no time in churning out an abundance of greeze for our headtops. Working closely with pioneer Nasty Jack, Bekzhas been kicking up a storm with her fresh style, quirky sounds and cleverly executed ideas, and each new release from the creative has levelled up the previous.

From her debut release ‘Henny & Balaclavas’ to her newest drop ‘In The Algoriddim’, Becky has flourished within her skill-set; her passion and individuality are on top form right now, and having another fire producer within the genre is a god-send.

‘In The Algoriddim’ is a 4-track whirlwind, kicking off with ‘140 Baby Maker Remix’, a wavy new version of the original which featured on ‘Black Girl Magic’. The second riddim is ‘Grime Anti Instrumental’, a cautiously dark production with airy tones and synthy instruments. The third installation on this EP is ‘To The Moon’, an instrumental that flows beautifully, featuring a range of uplifting sounds and small flickers of generic Grime sounds. The final feature is a special one, a bonus track as such; the vocalled version of ‘Grime Anti’ featuring Nasty Jack, a wonderful combination. The smooth vocals of Jack work perfectly with the relaxed production, truly showing how these two are the mighty duo.

With 13 releases under her belt, Becky On The Beat has set up a bright path for herself. All of her productions, as well as ‘In The Algoriddim’ can be found via her Bandcamp, and her full discography can be purchased for just over a score.. Score!

Written by Miz (@MizMedia_)

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