Badness, Dizzle Kid, Vader, Mak 10 Nasty Bros Flex FM Set

Badness, Dizzle Kid, Vader, Mak 10 Nasty Bros Flex FM Set

Badness brings us a new set with the Nasty Bros on Flex Fm playing us some of his new releases from 2021 aswell as some instrumentals for the Mc’s in the room alongside Dizzle Kid and Vader with Mak 10 on the decks.

The set opens up with Mak 10 playing some of Badness’s new releases from 2021 with him hosting in the background before leading into instrumental based selection allowing for the Mc’s in the room to do their thing on the mic. All Mc’s in the room are going hard with their big lyrics as well as mixing in some of their newer material keeping the set fresh. These three Mc’s have the ability to raise the energy in the room through the roof and you can really catch the vibe on this one, they also sound really good together and seem to have amazing chemistry as they have worked together and been on sets together a lot and can play off each other’s energy’s really well when they’re on the mic.

Mak 10 plays a lot of new releases from the Grime scene on this one and shows love to the ever evolving sound whilst still mixing them in with some of the classic. Mak always brings in a great selection to the sets that hes on and brings quick mixing to his sets allowing for a lot of different music to get played in a short space of time.

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BagZe – Bxgze

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