Alika ‘Wiz’

West London songstress Alika has dropped an exciting debut EP, packed full of punch

2016’s MOBOs Unsung Award winner Alika finally dropped her debut EP, ‘Wiz’, this Friday. The West London native has become renowned for the raw, uncompromising energy she brings to her every track and this EP, complete with an impressive array of features – all very much complementary to her sound, demonstrates this perfectly.

Alika shows off accomplished versatility on the six track project, showcasing her slick wordplay and smooth vocals on tracks of a variety of different styles. Highlights from the EP include her collaborations with fellow West Londoners Big Zuu and Br3nya, and ‘Action’ which features one of UK R&B’s hottest talents, Courtney Bennett – also from West London.

Alika really demonstrates on this project why she has earned such accolades as inclusion on the BBC’s ‘New Talent Hot List’, featuring on Idris Elba’s BBC 3 Takeover and the aforementioned MOBO Unsung Award.

Alika is a rising star and in this project she has given us a window into her talent and what’s to come. Her talent shines through across all six tracks; the features on the project are excellently curated and executed, and I really can’t wait to see what Alika will do with her next releases and on a longer project in the future.

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